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Adult Frenectomy Mason, OH

Adult Frenectomy

The most common application for laser dentistry in the adult population is releasing the tissue attachment between the front two teeth (top and/or bottom) as well as on the side cheek attachments.  Patients go through lengthy and painful periodontal grafting surgery, only to have the lip and cheeks continue to pull at the gingiva and un-do the graft over time.  If the attachment is left, the root cause of the recession is not addressed.  

If you have recessed gum tissue the frenectomy will not heal that tissue enough to advance the gum tissue back up the tooth, but it can prevent it from getting worse.  The problem with the gum tissue receding is that the root surface of the tooth is exposed.  Root surfaces of teeth are not as resilient as the top part of the tooth (enamel).  The teeth can become sensitive when the root is exposed and the root surface can decay easier because it is not as resilient.  

The process of the frenectomy is straightforward.  We numb the area with local anesthetic, perform the procedure (about 10 minutes) and then you are on your way to recovery.  The site of the frenectomy may feel like you had some hot soup or pizza the day the before, but the tissue heals quickly and will return to normal in 3-5 days.  

For an adult tongue tie procedure we will suture the area with dissolvable sutures.  It is ideal to work with a speech pathologist well versed in tongue releases to help teach you proper tongue movement and posture.  It may also be helpful to add chiropractic care or craniosacral massage to help relieve the tension.  Because the tongue fascia is connected to fascia running through your entire body, you may have soreness in your neck, shoulders or back.  The tongue may take 2-3 weeks to heal entirely, but the positive effects on reflux, sleep, digestion, and speech cannot be overstated.  

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