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Dental Implants Mason,OH

3D Guided Dental Implants

A dental implant is the gold standard in tooth replacement.  Patients with one or more missing teeth can experience a shifting of teeth, loss in chewing capacity and esthetic challenges.  While there is more than one option for tooth replacement, a dental implant is often the best solution for patients. 

In our Mason, Ohio office we utilize 3D guided surgery to place dental implants.  While it may sound straight forward to place a dental implant, it is a technique sensitive procedure.  The mouth has many vital structures including the sinus cavity, nerves and blood vessels.  The success of a dental implant relies on the implant being placed in ideal parameters, down to the millimeter.  You can feel confident we are planning your surgery to optimize success.

The dental implant procedure involves:

1. Numbing the area

2. Preparing the site for placement

3. Inserting the implant

4. Post operative radiograph to confirm position

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, but the success relies on 3-4 months of healing.  It is a comparable experience to breaking a bone, where use of the extremity is not recommend until the bone is healed.  In the healing process a small cap keeps the implant safe and out of chewing function. 

Once your implant is healed, the abutment is placed inside of the implant where a custom crown is fabricated restoring the site to full function and health.  

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