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Dental Crowns Mason OH

Same-Day CEREC Dental Crowns

If you have ever needed a crown, you may have had a two visit appointment.   The traditional method involves many steps:

1. Numbing the tooth

2. Prepare tooth for crown

3. Impression material (7 minutes of goop) 

4. Fabricate temporary tooth (~20 minutes of trial and error to get it to fit)

5. Cement temporary tooth and adjust more

After two weeks of waiting and (hopefully avoiding breaking or losing your temporary tooth), you return for permanent crown.  This second visit involves:

1. Numbing the tooth

2. Removing the temporary

3. Adjusting the permanent crown

4. Cementing the permanent crown

The last decade same-day, digital dentistry has made huge strides and we have revolutionized the crown making process.  In our Mason, Ohio office we are able to create dental crowns the same day, in as little as a 90 minute appointment.  The visit involves:

1. Numbing the tooth

2. Preparing the tooth

3. Scanning the tooth with intraoral camera

4. Creating crown (design, mill and fire)

5. Cementing the permanent crown

As you can see, there are less steps involved saving you time, discomfort from numbing twice and potential for mishaps during the two week wait with a temporary crown.  


Our process allows us to make dental crowns more accurate than in the lab as we can see the tooth itself.  We are not relying on a transfer from impression material nor do we have distortions that can result.  The majority of the appointment we are designing the tooth and milling it out.  During that time you are free to check your email, relax or watch tv.  Once the crown is finished, we permanently bond or cement the crown in place.  We find this process to be incredibly accurate with very little post operative adjustments needed.  Our patients experience less sensitively after the crown is placed as we are not irritating the nerve of the tooth twice over the course of a few weeks.  

Patients often ask if the crown is the same material as what the lab is using.  The answer is yes!  We are able to fabricate ceramic crowns for esthetic areas and zirconia crowns for back teeth.  The crowns we make are 2.5 and 4 times stronger, respectively, than tooth structure.  We stand behind our work and will replace any restoration within 5 years if something were to break.  

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