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Holistic Dentistry Options

As a holistic minded individual, Dr. Stewart is respectful of your dental choices.  While we serve patients of all viewpoints, there are specific ways we can serve your holistic desires when it comes to dental care. 

mercury filling

SAFE Mercury Filling Removal

The biggest risk of mercury exposure is when the filling is removed.  More mercury vapor is released as it is drilled out of the tool causing a concern for patients.  In order to removal the filling safely, a rubber dam isolation is placed over the tooth in order to keep all fragments from touching the tissues of your mouth.  In addition we run high volume suction and intra oral suction at the same time.  We will drape your clothing and cover your hair as well.

CBCT Root Canal Exam

We check all root canaled teeth every 5 years via a 3D cone beam radiograph to evaluate infections surrounging root canals.  We see this often in our practice where a root canal can become re-infected but show no symptoms other than an abscess on the 3D image.  When this happens the best course of action is typically a removal of the failed root canal tooth.

Infected root canal


Fluoride-Free experience

We use distilled water in all of our dental chairs that is fluoride free.  In addition we have gluten free, dye free and fluoride free polishing paste to help remove stains without the added fluoride.  


CEREC Same Day Dentistry

Most offices must fabricate temporary crowns and bring you back in two weeks to seat the crown upon completion by a lab.  In our office we have technology to scan, design and create your crown the same day.  Temporary crowns are made with Poly Methyl Methacrylate and bonded to the tooth with temporary cement that contains fluoride, potassium nitrate and chlorhexidine.  In order to accommodate the crown process holistically, a same day is best and designed to perfection in house.  



At the end of the day, families who choose a holistic lifestyle have enough trouble navigating the medical world.  We want to be an office you can trust to act conservatively, respectfully and accommodate all your needs.

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