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CEREC Weekend in Arizona/What is CEREC?

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Arizona at the SPEAR Institute taking the CEREC Level 2 course. One part of Dr. Davis's practice that I was drawn to, is the ability to make same-day crowns.

This technology utilizes CAD/CAM to digitally create the tooth in software, where we can design the crown and then mill the crown immediately. Once the crown is milled, we fire it in an oven where it fully crystallizes and gains its strength. This is an amazing service for our patients as they don't have to come back for a second visit. There is not a two week wait, eating carefully with a temporary crown covering the tooth.

In addition, there is no goopy impression, sending it to the lab and even sometimes having to send the crown back for another 2 weeks if it's not perfect! I feel like this sets our practice apart from any office not utilizing CEREC. For the first part of my career, the offices I practiced in did not embrace this workflow. However, now that I have it at my fingertips, I'm not sure how any dentist can practice without it! We would love the opportunity to take care of any of your crown needs- SAME DAY!

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