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First Month Reflections

Only two more working days until I have officially owned Mason Elite Dentistry for an entire month. I feel fortunate and humbled that Dr. Davis chose me for this office. While any change in ownership of a business can be challenging, I feel this transition has been as smooth as it could be. It hasn't been without a bump here or there, but I know that we are working together to make this a great new chapter.

I am blown away with how amazing CEREC dentistry is. In the past I have scanned crowns or took an impression, then you have to wait for 2 weeks, your patient is in a temporary crown, sometimes that crown falls off, it can be a long road. Then, a small percentage of the time, it comes back for the lab and just isn't right! So back to the lab for another round and by the end of it your patient is in a temporary for a whole month. With CEREC I scan the tooth, the image pops up, if there is a surface that isn't perfectly smooth or readable, I can immediately edit that part and re-scan just the section I modified. I feel like this sets us apart from any office not utilizing this technology not just for the same-day aspect, but also because we are constantly critiquing our work as we design the crowns. In the past when you take an impression you don't really seen how smooth your preparation is, if your walls are perfectly tapered, if there's the correct amount of clearance for the crown thickness. Now we are analyzing those things day in and day out to make sure your tooth preparation is ideal for making a crown that will stand the test of time.

Enough about CEREC- the best thing hands down about our office is the people. My staff is the sweetest and they work hard each day to provide great care to our patients. My hygienists take their time with each patient, provide thorough cleanings, take photos and radiographs when indicated, and do an amazing job. It is dental hygiene month and we were able to celebrate them this week with a treat and thank you card for all that they do. If you have had your teeth cleaned by Amanda or Sheri you already know how great they are! When I purchased the practice I read many reviews from patients and so many of them mentioned Keely by name. She is the office manager that makes this place go round. She has helped me with insurance credentialing and all of the day to day operations. Our amazing assistants Donna and Britny are always buzzing back and forth in the hallways cleaning rooms, setting up, assisting, firing crowns, and just non stop working from the time they get here to when they leave. I am thankful for their hard work, attention to detail and organization. There's some serious logistics that go on around here and they keep it all straight. Lastly, I owe it all to Dr. Davis who is a true example of what a dentist should be. He is skilled, talks to every patient about their procedures, he is thorough, he isn't someone who drills at the first "dark spot" on an x-ray, he is everything that I will strive to be in a dentist.

I am looking forward to continuing great care, practicing conservative dentistry, being compassionate, and building relationships with patients in the many, many years to come. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

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