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Guided Implant Placement

Technology is amazing. At Mason Elite Dentistry we are raving fans of our digital workflows that make a great experience for providers and patients alike. One of our offerings is guided implant placement. This is made possible through our CEREC PrimeScan 3D intra oral scanner and our Cone beam CT. The scanner captures the soft tissue features along with the teeth, while the cone beam 3D image captures the bone thickness, nerve locations and other vital features. When we mesh these together, we are able to plan implant placements that not only provide a good result by surgery standards, but also restorative standards.

What does all of this mean for you as a patient? While we are not strictly oral surgeons or periodontists that place implants all day long, as a restorative dentist we have a unique ability to see the procedure full circle. If an implant is placed too far forward, then the implant crown can have a hole sticking out the front of the tooth where we have to access it. When we are looking at what the crown will look like, we can plan an implant from the crown down to maximize the esthetics and function of an implant crown. One of the factors that go into the success of an implant is that the contacts with adjacent teeth and occlusion are all shored up. When we are factoring our implant location with crown design, we can make sure the bite or occlusion will have adequate space to optimize success.

If you're in need of an implant, rest assured that we are planning your case looking at the full picture. We have a case coming up this week and are excited to use this workflow to place an implant the same day as the extraction. While these cases are more rare, it will cut down the time from tooth to implant restoration by 3 months. If you have any questions about our implant placement and restoration workflow, please reach out! We are happy to answer any questions about this unique offering in our practice.

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