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Ideal Patient Avatar

I attend a business owner's round table each month and this month's theme was communicating our ideal client avatar. As the only medical professional in the group, my avatar was much different than most. It was a great exercise reflecting on the type of patients that would value our practice as much as we value them.

The biggest characteristics that I envisioned was a patient who is driven to find the best care, cutting edge technology and attention to detail regardless of insurance affiliation. Most of our patients are out of network, are a part of our membership plan or pay cash for services. In my practice I treat all of my patients in a manner that does not take insurance into consideration. I will not recommend a crown simply because you have remaining benefits, for example.

Our patients value their customized experience as we take into consideration our patient's preferences on how they would like their care conducted. Not everyone is expected to be preventative minded, but is informed on potential areas of concern for the future. We do not drill at the first shadow on an x-ray, but rather inform our patients of potential areas that could turn into a cavity and take a watchful eye. We take intra oral photos of any cracks we see and monitor for potential problems in the future, as well as inform of potential solutions to prevent those problems.

We offer same day crowns and partial crowns to better serve our busy patients. We have pillows, blankets and beverages to keep you comfortable. Overall, we hope to provide great care to patients who mutually appreciate our service to them. We are grateful for all of the wonderful people we care for and relationships we have built over the years. It has brought such fulfillment to my life and my staff's life being a small part of our patient's story.

If you are a new patient looking for a dental home and this description fits what you're looking for, we would love to have join our practice!

- Natalie Stewart, DMD

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