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Keeping Your Dental Provider- Even When Insurance Changes

It's that time of year! Insurance conversations at work and home. Today I wanted to give you the top 3 reasons to keep your dental provider, even if your insurance is changing:

1. Many times your benefits are not substantially different out of network (at times they can even pay the same rates!). If you are concerned, we would be happy to look into the specifics of your out-of-network coverage.

2. Relationships with the office and providers. We hear stories all of the time from patients going to other offices and being given a lengthy treatment plan. At times other providers may hold a more aggressive and invasive approach compared to what you are accustomed to. In addition, not all offices provide 60+ minute time slots for regular cleanings. I've seen as little as 30 minutes per patient, which simply does not allow for a comprehensive adult cleaning.

3. There's no guarantees for next year. Establishing care with new providers is time consuming and there's no guarantee that a new provider will agree to be in network with that carrier the following year and/or that you/your employer will stay with the same provider. The process of filling out new paperwork, getting a new patient appointment and researching who is in network/accepting new patients is not something most people want to take on each year.

At Mason Elite Dentistry we strive to provide excellent, consistent and honest care regardless of your insurance status. We are happy to help with any questions as you navigate this process and hope to see you soon!

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