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Mason Elite Dentistry 2022 in Review

We are wrapping up our last working days of 2022 and I am just blown away when I think of all the great things we have accomplished this year. This year I started out by taking an amazing course in Scottsdale. It challenged the way I treatment plan and think of certain complex cases. We added some new equipment including two new cavitrons (ultrasonic cleaning instrument), an autoclave sterilizer, and zirconia mill/oven. Our office was able to donate toothbrushes to deserving causes throughout the year. We donated the purple furniture to a family in need and updated the office welcome area. I gave a deserving Kings graduate a scholarship based on character. As a new team we developed a mission and values statement that reflects our cumulative vision. After taking a comprehensive Botox course we were able to add that service back to the office. We completed many implants, crowns, several full veneer cases and fillings. I took a course on using the CEREC for esthetic cases in Charlotte. While all these things are great, what really warms my heart are the things that can't be measured.

The best part of my job is coming to work everyday committed to honoring our mission and values, all while working with the best people around (Amanda, Britny, Donna, Keely and Sheri). Saying thank you, getting to know my patients and rising to deliver on their expectations. While we are not perfect, we are always committed to making things right and coming up with solutions to address any problems. The relationships we are forming with each patient warms my heart and fills my life with such purpose. I am committed to each of you for my entire working life. I commit to staying up to date, using the best materials, honoring your personal health philosophies and providing for your dental needs. We are looking forward to the decades to come and are grateful to each of you who trust us to your care. Here's to 2023!! May it be your best year yet!

-Natalie Stewart

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