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Now Offering Clear Aligner Therapy

Most people have heard of "Invisalign" but now that their patent is up, there are some great alternatives on the market at a better price point AND are shown to have better results. We have chosen to partner with SureSmile clear aligners as they are part of the Dentsply Group. They are the ones behind our Cerec crowns, our conebeam 3D x-ray unit, and custom guided implant surgery. When I decided to bring back clear aligner therapy, I wanted a workflow that integrated in with our existing technology and was clinically proven to move teeth as effectively, if not more effectively, than Invisalign.

One of the biggest complaints from patients in clear aligners is that their teeth do not track as expected, resulting in increased time to complete treatment and at times rescanning the teeth to modify the existing plan. Many of my colleagues are not seeing these revisions in the majority of their SureSmile cases. One of the factors behind this is their patented V-Pro low frequency bite plane that provides a gentle vibration to the teeth and ligaments. This is helpful when you transition to the next tray and the teeth can get a little tender with the new movement. The device is also shown to speed up the time it takes to complete a case with as little as 5 minutes per day of use. There is a small blue plate that you close your teeth on, turn on and go.

If you are interested, the process involves an intraoral scan of your teeth, a set of photographs, then we submit the case. Once we received the case back from the lab, we can go over the time of the case as well as any tweaks you would like. If you are satisfied, we can submit the case and officially begin. Please call us today if you are interested in a complimentary case work up!

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