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Open House and Ribbon Cutting

A huge thank you to all who attended our open house! We served up almost 100 Marty's Waffles. The waffle truck was a hit!

To begin our open house we toasted champagne to a new adventure, continuing Dr. Davis' legacy and building relationships with each other and our patients in the decades to come. As a dentist, it is important now more than ever to build up rapport with your patients. Many practitioners exist and some may choose more aggressive treatment options than you may necessarily want to proceed with. At Mason Elite Dentistry, my goal is to inform, show you via intra oral photos and radiographs, let you know risks/benefits of treatment/non- treatment and allow you to make an informed decision.

After our toast, Mark Andrea from Mason Deerfield Lifestyle Magazine stopped by on behalf of the Mason Chamber of Commerce to host our ribbon cutting. After we cut the ribbon, the open house began.

Many patients, family members and colleagues attended the soirée. Dr. Davis offered up some of his cars as well. I know the walls may look a little different without the ceiling to floor shadow boxes, but trust we are working on some new decor ideas!

As a thank you to our patients, in addition to the complimentary waffles we had several raffle baskets. There was a Lego set, wine tasting basket, beer tasting basket, bourbon basket and of course an electric toothbrush/zoom whitening basket. We appreciate everyone who took the time out of their Saturday to attend. I was able to meet many patients and family members.

Thank you again to all and I am sincerely looking forward to seeing everyone again soon for their check-ups!

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