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Our New Practice Charter

Now that Dr. Davis has officially been retired for 6 months, we decided that it was time to make a custom practice charter with our mission and values as our new team going forward. We have worked together for a year and know where we all stand on what matters most to each of us.

I have also gotten to know the team and practice more the last year, in order to align it all with my personal values and mission. Together with our Spear practice consultant, we went through words that describe our practice and what our patients have come to appreciate about us.

We then split them up into a few sections, leader values, patient values, team values and clinical values. Once we had all of our thoughts organized we crafted sentences that embody our practice. So without further delay here it is!

Our mission is to be the dental home you have always desired. We provide honest dental care in a judgment free setting.

Our practice is committed to serving our patients in a calming atmosphere, with compassionate care and state of the art dentistry. We strive to earn your trust in all facets of our practice.

Our patients value their personalized experience and appreciate the attention to detail. We educate our patients on their oral health condition and empower them to make decisions that best suit their goals.

Our loyal team takes pride in serving this practice and each other. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional dental experience, staying up to date with technology and creating a positive environment.

Put simply, we are grateful to be our best, work with the best and achieve the best results for our patients.

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